Our Team

Executive Directors

As executive directors of Island Party 2017, Franco and Walker work alongside one another to set the vision for this year’s music festival and delegate responsibilities among each individual committee. Shared responsibilities include communication with the BYX officer body, contacting donors, venue preparation, contract completion, and general event planning.

Franco Madrigali

Co-Executive Director

Franco focuses on communication with the City of College Station and The Wrecks, as well as large sponsors.

Walker Sinclair

Co-Executive Director

Walker focuses on communication with talent agencies, The Mowgli’s, The Pass, and our production company.

Jacob Inman

Creative Director

As Creative Director, Jacob leads efforts in production design and marketing strategies. With help from his team of talented individuals, Jacob directs the production of graphics, advertisements, videos, lighting design and physical merchandising. If it's something visual, Jacob and his team most likely had something to do with it.

Matt Hawkins

Operations Director

As operations director, Matt works with the logistics of Island Party, ensuring the event can occur without a hitch. His responsibilities include: band accommodations, scheduling, security, outdoor activities, and food trucks.

Timothy Campbell

Spiritual Director

As Spiritual chair, Timothy works directly with The Bridge Ministries to help raise awareness for their ministry while helping the committee focus on sharing Gods love and grace throughout the entire process. In addition, Timothy has also been working with his committee to advertise Island Party to the local community by contacting radio stations and churches.

Christian Bohren

External Vice President

As the External Vice President, Christian is the head of the Island Party Executive Committee. He oversees the general administration and operation of Island Party as a whole. Christian is the Island Party liaison for BYX, and its dealings with the Texas A&M University and other organizations.

Blake Harvey

Finance Director

As the Finance Committee Director, Blake is in charge of fundraising, fund allocation, and managing the books for IP. He and his team oversee sponsor relations, profit shares, and on-campus fundraising activities. Through a carefully thought out structure of the budget and fund allocation, he ensures that Island Party uses its fundraised proceeds wisely and with stewardship in mind. On the back end, he manages our accounts payable/receivable and cash flows, by facilitating vendor payments.